Career and Organizational Coaching

I am passionate and committed to helping my clients reveal the hidden treasures that lie within each one of them. I work with individuals traversing new career paths, those that want to move up the ladder or make a lateral move, or those that are graduating and looking for their first job. I assist organizations in building trust or rebuilding trust when working with Executive Teams. I support the individuals and organizations by providing support and tools for all its team members to move up the ladder or make a lateral move. For those that are graduating from college or a university I help them in looking for their first job. Whether it is through a job fair or a recruiter, I assist them in finding a great fit. I create a strong timeline as to when certain tasks are to be completed.


During this very challenging time of the COVID 19 Virus, I want to help you receive my supportive Life Coaching Services by providing you my services at a discount. The following prices reflect the 20% discounts I have put into place. The charge will be for $60 per one-hour session for Millennials and for all other clients it will be $85 per session. Our first session or Foundation Session will last 1.5 hours. This is where we take a deep dive into your needs and desires for the future. We will focus on where you have been and where you want to go. For Millennials, the cost of this Foundation Session will be $75 and for all other clients, the cost will be $95. Finally, I am offering packages of 5 sessions to all of my clients which includes a free bonus session. Millennials cost will be $240 for the 5 sessions and all my other coaching clients costs will be $340. I am looking forward to working with you as we travel your new life path together.

Kindest Regards,

Certified Life Coach

Susan Piontek

What I Offer

Life Coaching

As a Life coach, I support my clients depending on their individual situations and needs. If you are an individual or couple dealing with the challenges of a separation or divorce; managing a difficult relationship; looking to reenter the dating scene; dealing with refiring  your career rather than retiring, I can help you rediscover your courage, determination and hope.

Career Coaching

Are you an individual looking to find your first job after just graduating or are you traversing a new career path? Are you looking to move up the ladder but don’t know if you have the right skill sets to make it happen? Today, more than ever we need to be open to new possibilities to navigate this new landscape. I will help assuage your fear and help strengthen your resolve in making your search both; productive and successful.

Performance Coaching

For individuals who are seeking to improve their work life balance in their practice of music or another preforming art, I can help you.

Executive Team Coaching

My mission is to help strengthen the culture of an organization by co-creating an atmosphere of increased Trust, Strength, Empathy and Authenticity. This paradigm celebrates and improves upon each individual’s unique working style and ability to articulate and share their thoughts and feelings by creating a stronger, more vibrant and successful enterprise.

Family Coaching

As a parent, teacher, and counselor, I have experience working with children. Each family has its own dynamics and I will work with you to ensure everyone’s goals, beliefs, and values are aligned.